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Digital transformation in business

Each year new technologies capture the imagination offering businesses new opportunities to innovate and leapfrog their competitors.

Decision-makers need to know which are worth their time, which to ignore, and how to navigate the legal risks involved in implementing tech at scale.

Our Technology & Digital group support businesses with:

  1. Undertaking digital transformation projects in their businesses.
  2. Identifying which technology moves the needle for their clients and customers.
  3. Maximising upside and minimising risk when it comes to the legal implications of tech.

Our team are always on the look out for the next big thing and doing what it takes to stay on the cutting edge.

Explore the T&D group’s latest updates and resources below.

Report: Digital adoption: The transformative power of in-house legal teams

In 2023, our Technology & Digital team published a report, “Digital adoption: The transformative power of in-house legal teams“.

The report surveyed 500 in-house pros om large businesses to identify attitudes and organisational behaviours toward digital transformation projects.

We found that the main technologies IHL and GCs cared about were: AI, Cloud, Automation, Metaverse and Blockchain – as well as others.

The report identified some remarkable findings, highlighting:

  1. The importance of in-house legal teams in the success of digital transformation projects.
  2. The key technologies which are moving the needle for businesses.
  3. The legal considerations and upskilling that are required to get it right at scale.

Access our report below to find out more.


Walker Morris sponsors Leeds Digital



We’re delighted to sponsor Leeds Digital, home to the city’s latest tech news and most exciting events.

Leeds Digital is a full service platform that enables the tech community in Leeds and beyond to share knowledge, exchange ideas and collaborate – all year round.

Keep an eye out for Leeds Digital events running throughout the year, and contact our Technology & Digital team to find out more.


Digital transformation in business: Want to know more?

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Webinar recording: Unlocking and controlling AI

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