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Meet Shelley's team

Appropriate and practical advice

For Shelley, learning and working with great people who take pride in what they do is a really rewarding aspect of her work.

When asked to describe her approach to client work, Shelley says, “My aim on every deal is to give appropriate and practical advice, considering the broader nature of the businesses involved, the industry, as well as the risk appetite and style of the client.”

Creative and strategic

With strong attention to detail and skilled in building a solid team, Shelley feels well equipped to balance a multitude of work at one time – something which can be challenging without an organised way of working.

Shelley takes an informal approach to communication and points out that Walker Morris has a culture where senior staff are supportive and there is engagement and communication at all levels within the firm.  This fits very well with the collaborative team she has created.

“I love my role at Walker Morris as it allows me to be creative and strategic at a departmental level, but still work on deals at a granular level”.

Shelley is part of the Walker Morris mentor programme and provides practical support, guidance and training for paralegals’ career progression.


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