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“I want to enjoy working with my clients and for them to enjoy working with me”

Luke is a Director in our Commercial Group.  He advises clients on a wide range of commercial and IT contracts, specialising in the technology, food and beverage, manufacturing and sports sectors.

Luke is known for helping his clients to navigate the jargon-heavy world of technology contracts in an easy-to-understand way. He advises on what’s normal in the market, points out the potential for hidden traps and makes sure his clients know how to get the very best contracting position with the other party.

Luke’s work focuses on two main areas, technology arrangements and commercial arrangements for football clubs.  He has worked for a variety of consumer-facing household names as well as a number of Premier League football clubs.   He notes that these two areas converge surprisingly often and a typical client would be a ‘top 4’ Premier League football club looking to implement market-leading technology.

A trusted advisor

Building relationships and being a trusted advisor to clients is the most rewarding part of the job for Luke, he says, “I’m a people person, so I want to enjoy working with my clients and for them to enjoy working with me.  When clients feel they can just pick up the phone any time and run a legal query by me – that’s what I find most rewarding”.

Describing his approach to client work as results focused, Luke points out that he always takes the time to understand what his client is trying to achieve. “I don’t like to over-negotiate contracts. But if there are particular red-lines or dealbreakers I will also ensure those are protected”. And he understands that often clients want to take a pragmatic approach, so he takes care to direct them to the must-have points, allowing them to set everything else aside. “What a client wants to achieve on any given matter is unique, so I try and understand what that is and then find a solution to obtain it for them”. 

The sectors Luke generally operates in, technology and football, are both very fast moving – something which can be challenging. But Luke is personally interested in both of them and enjoys keeping track of what is happening within the wider market, which makes the challenge easier.

Luke helps to lead the Walker Morris Technology & Digital Group.


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