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Our purpose

At Walker Morris, we believe everyone is unique. We all have our own goals and visions for what we want our professional lives to look like.

Our firm encourages you to pursue those goals and fights alongside you to help you achieve them.

Forge your own path.

Our Values

Embrace the fact everyone is different and unique.

Each of our team members and clients is different. Clients may have similar problems, but they’re different people. Let’s not forget this. Be patient. Be empathetic. Take the time to nurture every relationship. Embrace the fact everyone is different and unique.

You can be serious without wearing a suit.

We call this the 70% corporate rule. We always want to appear reputable to potential clients, but the reality is that the world has changed. You don’t need to put on a pinstripe to be respected. Look professional. Act professional. But don’t feel you need to adhere to a cliché. Everyone at this firm is here because we want you.

Never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Every client has a vision. A greater goal. Bigger than whatever piece of work you’re doing right now. Keep that in mind. Show them you get it. Show them you’re helping them get there.

Two heads are better than one.

Collaborate. Every client could be getting better service if we came together and shared our expertise. 2+2=5.

Take the bull by the horns.

This firm wants you to take the lead. If you have an idea, go make it happen. Nobody will do it for you.

We win and lose together.

We’re stronger together. As a team. All staff. All clients. As one.

Our Behaviours

These are our values in action. How we interact with each other and with clients. These create our culture and shape our client experience.


We approach every conversation, each project and each opportunity with a positive outlook. Negativity kills. We take the initiative. We make it happen.


We want to learn about people. We take the time to get to know them. We want to know what motivates you? What matters? What do you want to achieve? How can we match that ambition?


We have a culture that is open to everyone. Of all backgrounds. We want to embrace difference and come together as one.


To the firm. To our clients. To our colleagues.

BE honest.

Trust is everything.