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Adjudication Matters

Welcome to Adjudication Matters, your comprehensive review of recent adjudication enforcement decisions, from the Walker Morris Construction & Engineering team.

We know that today’s construction industry is being squeezed by an increasing number of issues. Whether that’s the ongoing impact of COVID and Brexit, or the high cost of materials and global supply chain delays – these factors, especially when combined, mean that cash flow difficulties sadly continue to be all too common.  Adjudication can be a quick and effective tool for unlocking payment disputes and encouraging money to flow down the supply chain again.

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How we can help

Our team of specialist lawyers have many years of experience in adjudication and we provide straight forward no-nonsense strategic advice that helps our clients to start, defend or avoid the adjudication process in a cost-effective way. Whether you are experienced in adjudication or have never come across this process before, our expert team are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

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