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Construction & Engineering

Meet Jules's team

“I aim to give clients clear and concise legal advice, focusing on being pragmatic and keeping things simple”.

Jules is a Partner, known for his work on construction and engineering contracts, with a focus on infrastructure and energy.  Jules says “I have a really broad practice and wide range of expertise and experience”.  His work is typically focused on drafting and negotiating contracts for infrastructure and energy clients, as well as infrastructure projects.

Jules also advises on risk management, contract interpretation, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution.  His clients tend to be developers or contractors and specialty subcontractors and suppliers.

“Jules is a construction oracle – he is extremely knowledgeable on all matters and is very good at explaining things very clearly.”

When pressed to describe his strengths, Jules lists dedicated, conscientious and tenacious – characteristics which help him to rapidly understand the key commercial drivers within a project and collaborate to secure a mutually agreeable resolution.

And when it comes to client work, Jules is extremely committed. “I will work tirelessly to secure the best possible result for my client” he says.  Attention to detail is important to him, but, “identifying and prioritising key points” is a skill he’s honed over the years and which allows him to work efficiently and to tight deadlines.

Fortunately, this is no hardship for Jules, who really enjoys getting to know his client’s business, many of whom have been instructing him for over ten years – which is testament to his collaborative and approachable style.

This approach to client work also means he feels very at home at Walker Morris, where everyone sits in the same office and multi-team collaboration is absolutely the norm.

Calm, courteous and commercial

Being part of a team to deliver an exciting new project is still a real highlight of the job for Jules, especially when he gets to see innovative technology or complex engineering operating in real life.  “Every project is different and I enjoy understanding the logistics or practical aspects of a project to make sure my advice is focused and relevant”.

Reaching agreement during deals with multiple stakeholders can be challenging, but Jules is confident he can make it happen and he cites remaining calm, courteous and commercial as the secret to his success.

“Construction and Engineering, particularly infrastructure and the energy sector are constantly evolving, so my work is always varied, challenging and enjoyable”.


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