Supply Chain Disputes

With supply chains now being impacted by COVID-19 and the post-pandemic economic conditions, US/China relations, Brexit and increasing regulation – businesses worldwide are facing an array of supply chain disruption and complexities.

Having had a degree of forbearance the first time round, further disruption due to a second wave of COVID-19 may now be seen as a predictable event. The contractual protections that were previously available, may no longer be effective. The key to avoiding disruption and supply chain disputes will be in the preparation, ensuring that contract terms are robust and allow parties the flexibility and protection they need. Read about our supply chain contracts health check services here.

Investing in this preparation now, rather than waiting until supply chain problems occur, can result in significant huge cost savings in the long term.

We can support commercial and legal teams in assessing risk, preparing and stress testing contracts to provide complete visibility of legal risk and the steps needed to protect their organisations.

Where disputes do arise, we offer the services of our commercial dispute lawyers who have extensive experience of supply chain disputes. With a team of three partners, all of whom are recognised leaders in their field and 13 specialists we can help our clients no matter how diverse their business interests and requirements. We offer support in both national and international disputes and our core skills encompass UK litigation, international arbitration, mediation, expert determination and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. In addition, the team is supported by over 100 litigation lawyers in our wider disputes practice.

“Head and shoulders above the rest and are always right on the money with their commercial acumen and sound legal advice that brings a certain creative flair to proceedings“. Legal 500

Ranked as ‘national leader outside London’. Chambers & Partners

They are very responsive and really understand the operational aspects of the business. They go the extra mile to ensure we get what we need and are exceptionally hard-working and attentive to the client.”  Chambers & Partners

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