Business Immigration is a technically challenging and constantly evolving area of law. With the political and economic goalposts forever changing, it’s difficult keeping up-to-date. Walker Morris’ employment team are specialists in this area, having first-hand experience of advising individuals and employers on a broad range of immigration issues. Our recent experience includes advising Premier League Football Clubs in respect of player immigration requirements, managing the Sponsorship License for one of the world’s largest restaurant chains and advising a U.S. business following an unannounced audit by the Home Office. Our immigration services include:

Immigration Compliance and Preventing Illegal Working

All employers are required to verify their workforce’s right to work in the UK. Failure to do this carries the risk of civil penalties of up to £10,000 per illegal worker (£20,000 from 6 April 2014), as well as criminal sanctions. We can help you get the required policies and procedures in place to ensure you are not inadvertently employing illegal workers, and advise on the appropriate steps if you discover you might be.

Sponsorship License

In an increasingly globalised marketplace, the ability to recruit the finest talent from anywhere in the world is essential to retaining a competitive edge. Whether you need to fill a permanent position, or temporarily transfer an employee from an international group company, you need to have your house in order including registering with the UK Border Agency and obtaining a Sponsorship Licence. Being a licensed sponsor comes with responsibilities, including establishing and maintaining adequate internal reporting and compliance procedures. We can help ease the burden by taking ownership of all of your responsibilities as a sponsor.

Routes of Entry

We can advise on the most appropriate route of entry into the UK for your staff (and their dependants). We can also guide you through the entry clearance process, which will need to be followed before individuals from certain countries are allowed to enter the UK.

Immigration Audits

If you are a licensed sponsor, the UK Border Agency could visit you to audit your immigration compliance at any time. If you have been notified of an impending audit, or simply want to be prepared, we can help by undertaking a “mock audit”. We can check whether your HR systems comply with legal requirements, and provide practical advice if they fall short.

Upskilling your Staff

Would your managers or HR staff benefit from a refresher on the company’s responsibilities under immigration legislation? We can put together a bespoke training package to give those making critical recruitment and management decisions the knowledge they need to protect your business from the risk of employing illegal workers.

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