Net Zero


Before the health and economic crisis of Covid-19, many developed nations were making commitments to fight a different existential threat: climate change.

Delivering the UK’s binding commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 requires far-reaching changes in energy, land, infrastructure (transport and buildings), agriculture, manufacturing, resource management and industrial systems. As a result, the business and regulatory landscape is rapidly changing in response to climate change. Find out more about net zero and how Walker Morris is responding here  and read our articles on net zero here.

While no one has all the answers yet, our ebook ‘The Power of Zero’ will help you to ask the right questions, start new conversations and work towards the correct answers for your business.

Our specialists have extensive expertise in environmental law, renewables, green energy, low-carbon infrastructure.

With a portfolio of high-profile clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors and recognised for its expertise by leading independent legal guide, Chambers, Walker Morris’ Infrastructure & Energy team can advise businesses in all sectors to respond positively to the challenges of climate change and opportunities of the low carbon economy.

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