Webinar recording: Brexit – One month to go until the new immigration system – are you ready?

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Our Business Immigration team recently held a webinar discussing the long-awaited guidance published by the Government covering changes to the immigration system and what steps you should be taking now.

Watch the webinar here:

The webinar covered:

  • If your business doesn’t already have a sponsor licence, does it need to apply for one now in order to continue recruiting from outside the UK?
  • If your business has a sponsor licence, what will change? We will look at the new “Worker” and “Temporary Worker” routes that will replace the existing Tiers 2 and 5, and consider how the requirements of the new routes differ.
  • Does your business need to take any action now to ensure its current sponsor licence is fit for purpose?
  • How will the changes impact on the transfer of staff between international group companies?
  • How will existing EU staff be impacted, and will your recruitment processes for EU nationals need to be updated?
  • What practical steps should you be taking now to ensure your business is ready?
  • What are the risks of getting things wrong?