Webinar Recording: Blockchain and Sustainability – Friends or Foes?

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Walker Morris Technology and Digital specialists Sally Mewies and Luke Jackson recently held a webinar “Blockchain and Sustainability – Friends or Foes?” alongside Blockchain experts Anthony Day (IBM), Gary Woodhead (CurveBlock), Dan Graf (Earthchain), as part of the Leeds Digital Festival “mini-festival”.

In this webinar, our expert speakers look to dispel some of the myths and mystery around what Blockchain is, explore its potential for future growth and gain insight into businesses that have gone one step further and integrated the use of Blockchain into their sustainability-centric businesses.

Blockchain and Sustainability – Friends or Foes?

The power required to run the global Bitcoin network is estimated as being in the region of 7.5 gigawatts per year. To put that in to context that’s the same amount of power required to run 825,000,000 individual LEDs. This then, poses the obvious question – is Blockchain sustainable?

Being one of the hottest topics in tech means that there is the inevitable influx of associated myths and scaremongering. This brings with it the risk that the global community will prematurely dismiss and cast ill-informed aspersions on a technology that has the potential to aid the world’s fight to become more sustainable.


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