Pan-European litigation after Brexit: A return of the Italian torpedo

Brexit, Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union on cracked background Print publication


Since January 2015 parties within the European Union have been allowed to choose which courts to litigate in.  This relatively new development has meant that litigants in Europe now have an effective and pragmatic system for resolving disputes.  However, subject to the outcome of negotiations, the arrangements for litigation after Brexit may change.

Malcolm Simpson, partner in the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Group at Walker Morris, wrote an article for Corporate Disputes Magazine which outlines several possible scenarios and the practical steps that businesses can take in order to minimise the scope for jurisdictional disputes and unwelcome satellite litigation.  Read the full article here.  Pan-European litigation after Brexit – Corporate Disputes Jan-Mar 2017

First published in Corporate Disputes Magazine Jan-Mar 2017.