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Injunction & Protestors

Protests are designed to cause mass disruption and although these intentional acts are nothing new, they are becoming more frequent.

While the police usually take action if protestors are obstructing a highway or committing trespass, their response can be slow and as trespass is a civil rather than criminal offence. It can be necessary to seek an urgent High Court injunction to prevent them from entering or remaining on the property or harassing employees.

Businesses are starting to take a more proactive approach to the problem so they can respond rapidly to prevent protestor action disrupting their business activities.

If you’re worried about protestors and the risk they pose to your business, we can help.

We’ll assist you to prepare a ‘Protestor Pack’ which contains all the documents necessary to seek an urgent court injunction. If an incident does occur, all you need to do is complete the documents with the details of your current situation. We can then quickly get to work on your behalf.

Our experienced team are used to seeking these orders and are familiar with the kind of protections the court will and won’t grant in this fast-moving area of law.