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Fraud & Asset Tracing

With many businesses still impacted by COVID-19 and now turbulent global events looking likely to make waves for some time, fraud and financial security can slip down the list of company priorities.

Protecting yourself against fraud really shouldn’t be ignored, especially because we know that in challenging times, fraudulent activity tends to rise.  Fraudsters are only getting cleverer – with new types of fraud appearing with alarming regularity, including authorised push payment fraud, phishing, Covid tax relief fraud – the list could go on.

We can help.  We have extensive experience handling the regulatory, data protection, IP, governance, HR and loss recovery issues which arise from fraud.  Whether they involve employees, suppliers or business partners, we can guide you through the steps required to not only stop the fraudulent behaviour but prevent it happening again.

Our team specialise in seeking injunctions from the courts at short notice, including asset freezing orders, orders for the delivery up of assets or wrongly retained confidential information, as well as search and seizure orders.

We work together with colleagues from our dispute resolution, employment and regulatory teams to ensure we leave no stones unturned in our fraud and asset tracing investigations and we make sure we’re in the best possible position to provide a successful outcome for our clients.

We want to preserve the value of your business and assets, which is why we’re always on call and  ready to act immediately if a client needs our help. We know that when it comes to fraud, there really is no time to lose.