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WM video nuggets: Preparing for Brexit: Business Immigration

We recently held a live webinar “Preparing for Brexit: Business Immigration” covering the forthcoming changes to the UK immigration system and how organisations should prepare.

Below are a range of bitesize videos taken from the Q&A section of the webinar covering some very important questions.

Click here to watch our full webinar recording.

Will the removal of the resident labour market test and expansion of the SOC code be relevant to all?

What’s the process for a sponsor application for a group of companies, by head office or PAYE No.?

If an employee has expired ID, but was hired when it was still valid, after 2021 can we require new valid ID following proof of settlement document being received?

The timescales for processing and making applications etc, are obviously quite long. Are there any fast track options available?

Is there any chance at all that the new system is going to be delayed by the pandemic?

Is it possible for sponsored employees to be furloughed and have their wages reduced under the Job Retention Scheme?

Will the Immigration Health Surcharge still apply under the new system?

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