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Webinar Recording: Preparing for Brexit – Business Immigration

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Shabana Muneer (Employment) presented a live webinar on ‘Preparing for Brexit: Business Immigration’.

The webinar covered the forthcoming changes to the UK immigration system and how organisations should prepare, along with other issues including:

  • the impact of Brexit and the end of freedom of movement on the recruitment of EU nationals from January 2021 onwards
  • a brief overview of the UK’s current immigration system
  • what the new points based immigration system will look like, including changes existing sponsor licence holders need to be aware of
  • practical steps organisations can be taking now to make sure they are ready for the new regime:
    – the importance of early sponsor licence applications where one is not already in place and training staff on sponsor obligations;
    – workforce planning for January 2021 onwards
    – ensuring right to work policies are up-to-date and compliant with the new regime
    – plugging the skills gap – investment in technology and automation
    – dealing with increased recruitment costs
  • impact of Covid-19 on migrant workers:
    – automatic visa extensions
    – changes to some application processes
    – specific considerations for laying off / salary reductions / redundancy
    – temporary right to work checks.

They also looked answered attendee questions in a Q&A session.