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Business Immigration has never been so relevant to so many businesses in the UK. The end of free movement for EEA nationals with the expiry of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020, and the extension of the points based immigration system to both EEA and non-EEA nationals from January 2021, mean that employers who have previously never needed to engage with immigration requirements may well find they have to do so in the future. Businesses now require a sponsor licence to recruit individuals from anywhere outside the UK (other than Ireland), which represents a major shift from the previous position under which recruitment from within the EEA was not subject to immigration controls.

A new points based immigration system has now been introduced, which applies to all non-UK migrant workers, including those from the EEA (other than Ireland). The extension of the points based system to EEA nationals represents a significant constraint on previously unfettered movement of workers between the UK and EEA. However, for businesses in other parts of the world, the new system may actually make it considerably easier to move staff to the UK due to a relaxation of some of the eligibility requirements for UK work visas.

UK businesses seeking to recruit non-UK staff will need to familiarise themselves with the new rules and rapidly adjust to the changes if they are to remain compliant with domestic immigration requirements, while preserving their chances of securing the best talent and seamlessly moving their staff between jurisdictions to meet operational demands.

In order to assist employers prepare for the changes to the Business Immigration regime that came into effect from January 2021, our specialist Business Immigration Team prepared a series of short videos below. Some of these have now been superseded by the introduction of the new regime.

  1. Immigration, Brexit & the forthcoming changes to the UK’s immigration system
  2. An overview of the current system
  3. The impact of Brexit on the current system
  4. The EU Settlement Scheme
  5. Considerations for British staff working in the EU
  6. Summary of the current points based system
  7. How to apply for a Sponsor Licence
  8. Managing Your Sponsor Licence
  9. Sponsoring a migrant worker – overview of Tier 2 General and ICT visas
  10. Process of sponsorship – overview of practical points
  11. The UK’s points based system from January 2021
  12. Other routes into the UK
  13. Conducting right to work checks
  14. Preparing for the post-Brexit era
  15. How can we help?

The videos can be viewed in sequence, or you can choose those that are most relevant to the issues your business is facing. Either way, our Business Immigration Team is here to help with any follow-up queries you may have.