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Climate Change: The Power of Zero

Climate change is transforming the UK’s business landscape.  Delivering the UK’s binding commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 requires far-reaching changes in energy, land, infrastructure (transport and buildings), agriculture, manufacturing, resource management and industrial systems.

While the government commits to renewable energy and decarbonisation of heat and transport, the transition to a carbon-free economy is creating new trends in how stakeholders such as consumers, investors, business partners, and regulators make decisions. Customers are rewarding companies for sustainability. Businesses are committing to clean energy and carbon reduction. Investors are demanding climate-risk disclosure and committing to ESG (environmental, social and governance) investment criteria.

Net zero and the wider sustainability agenda presents huge opportunities for businesses in all sectors across the UK where customers, investors and regulators are demanding new low carbon technologies, solutions, products and services. Meanwhile businesses are realising that improving their sustainability can generate long term business value through increased resource efficiency, innovation, resilience, compliance, employee relations, and market share.

Our climate change specialists can help businesses recognise the opportunities and plan for the challenges of climate change, net zero and sustainability.

1. What is Walker Morris doing?

Recently we announced our own commitment to positively respond to the impact of climate change through the launch of our staff climate change competition. Walker Morris employees were asked for their thoughts on how we could be more sustainable as a business. The overwhelmingly positive response revealed a number of initiatives which will be implemented in the coming months including carbon footprint measurement, car sharing, switching to 100% renewable energy and installing more EV charge points. In the last 12 months Walker Morris has:

  • achieved 25% reduction in paper
  • achieved 95% reduction in plastic water bottles
  • saved 28,000 plastic cups and 24,000 plastic lids
  • switched to 100% biodegradable pens.

Our commitment to these initiatives was announced at the Climate Action Dinner, held in association with Deloitte and the University of Leeds on 23 February 2020. The dinner was attended by 38 businesses including local councils, regional and national companies. The attendees were all 100% committed to contributing to further the conversation surrounding climate action and begin to implement positive, practical solutions.

2. The effects of climate change on your business

Climate action is happening now. The minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES) sets out standards for energy efficiency in commercial properties. The Future Homes Standard introduced proposals for new energy efficiency standards in new homes. The “diesel tax” imposes higher levies on diesel-vehicles. New energy and carbon reporting standards for companies were introduced in 2019. Smart meters are being installed in residential and commercial properties across the UK to minimise CO2 emissions.

3. How Walker Morris can help

The business and regulatory landscape is rapidly changing in response to climate change. Our specialists have extensive expertise in environmental law, renewables, green energy, low-carbon infrastructure.

With a portfolio of high-profile clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors and recognised for its expertise by leading independent legal guide, Chambers, Walker Morris’ Infrastructure & Energy team can advise businesses in all sectors to respond positively to the challenges of climate change and opportunities of the low carbon economy.

For insight into how climate change could affect your business, please contact one of our specialists below.

Judith Pike, Ben Sheppard, Jules Harbage.




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