Webinar recording: #WMTechTalk Avoiding/Managing disputes in tech contracts

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All disputes can be challenging and disruptive for businesses, but disputes in Tech contracts can be particularly  problematic for both the supplier and customer. There are many reasons for this, but a misunderstanding around functionality of the technology product is a key cause. Customers are often buying solutions that either have too much or too little functionality for their needs. Licensing models and metrics for large solutions are often complicated and hard to understand. It is very common for businesses to find themselves under licensed on key systems and this may only be picked up on an audit after many years of use.

Our Technology & Digital Team recently held a webinar discussion looking at key clauses in technology contracts that are important both to avoid a dispute and if a dispute arises. They discussed the best ways to protect a party’s position in the event of a dispute, and gave some guidance for under licensing claims with top tips for avoiding and managing disputes effectively.

Watch the webinar here:

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