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Supply Chain

In the fast-paced supply chain sector, businesses have to evolve to meet the changing needs of their customers.

External events outside of their control are having a huge impact and supply chains are now facing disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, shortages of containers and drivers, last minute cancellations and rerouting of vessels, as well as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What we do

We provide commercial advice relating to contracts, regulations, logistics and disputes. We help our clients to map out their supply chain and understand the regulations they need to fulfil at every stage of their journey. We highlight where the risks and ownership lie and we can help you find a contracting model that will ensure doing business with your clients and suppliers really works for you.

If we work with you, we’ll immerse ourselves in your business so that we can give you bespoke advice that will really make a difference. We’ll provide a comprehensive risk assessment of your supply chain and we’ll make sure there is clear visibility of the legal terms underpinning each stage of the chain.  This is necessary to identify the legal mechanics available should any disputes arise out of supply chain disruption, and it allows us to identify your risk and exposure in the event of counterparty claims against your business.

In the event that the legal terms you trade with are no longer fit for purpose – something we see with more frequency given the increasing disruption and complexity running through supply chains, we’ll help you to plan ahead before problems arise and look at the options available to you for improving the legal structures you trade with.  We do all of this with the aim of insulating your business against dispute situations.

You can read about our supply chain contracts health check services here. – Supply chain contract health check.pdf

We believe that investing in this preparation now, rather than waiting until supply chain problems occur, will result in significant cost savings in the long term. We can also support commercial and legal teams in assessing risk, and preparing and stress testing contracts to provide visibility of legal risk and the steps needed to protect their organisations.  And when disputes do arise, we offer the services of our commercial dispute lawyers who have a great deal of experience of supply chain disputes.


“Head and shoulders above the rest and are always right on the money with their commercial acumen and sound legal advice that brings a certain creative flair to proceedings.”

Legal 500

“They are very responsive and really understand the operational aspects of the business. They go the extra mile to ensure we get what we need and are exceptionally hard-working and attentive to the client.”

Legal 500

“National leader outside London.”

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