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Meet Debbie's team

Commercial thinking to provide practical solutions

Debbie is a Partner in our Corporate Group.  She is recognised for her hands on approach to providing practical solutions and her commitment to forging longstanding relationships with clients.  Not one to fall out with the other side, Debbie is known as the “go-to” lawyer for clients who want to get a deal done.

Debbie’s work covers all aspects of corporate law and regulation, with a focus on M&A and private equity.

“What I enjoy most is delivering the best possible deal for a client in a challenging timeframe. Key to this is being able to identify potential roadblocks before you hit them and then be able to devise commercially practical ways of avoiding them”.

The complexity of a challenging transaction is something Debbie finds really rewarding, as well as managing to pull together a dedicated team who all play an integral role in a successful outcome for a client. Being viewed as a trusted advisor is the ultimate compliment and goes hand in hand with satisfied clients who truly believe you’ve made a difference.

Adding value

Debbie approaches client work first and foremost by trying to “understand the Why?” – why is a client proposing to do a particular deal? Her “can-do” attitude also extends to her team, and she believes it’s important to work as a cohesive unit.  “I want to make sure we really add value”, but she also recognises that it’s important to try and make the deal process enjoyable.  Keeping team spirits up when they may not have had much sleep during a deal is vital, but, she says, “hard work, determination and humour always make stressful deals much easier to navigate”.

This approach is well suited to life at Walker Morris, where every individual has an important part to play, and partners lead by example.

Making a difference

Debbie’s desire to make a difference led her down the private equity route, so that she can genuinely help people grow their business – something which has a wider impact on society as a whole.

When it comes to the deal process, Debbie knows that “sometimes, somebody needs to be able to keep their head up, look forward, identify the problems and navigate a way round them”.

Debbie is endorsed by Acritas Stars as a stand out lawyer, and has been voted one of the UK’s ‘Hot 100’ by The Lawyer.


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“She is absolutely superb, extremely diligent and supportive, with loads of energy and patience. She really is a class act.”

“Debbie Jackson is one of the best lawyers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s truly indefatigable.”

“An incredibly good lawyer, strong technically and commercially. We transact at speed so we need lawyers who are not there to score points. She can reach a middle ground and she offers good commercial thinking for getting around problems.”

“She is a strong, focused, highly motivated individual who is extremely professional, adds value and gets the job done.”

“Jackson is fantastic to work with. She is very thorough, professional and always commercially minded. She puts the client first and never makes you feel like you are asking too much. She is proactive and full of good ideas.”

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