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Food Standards Agency updates public list of CBD products

At the end of June, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) published its updated public list of CBD (cannabidiol) products that can be marketed in England and Wales. These are products that are linked to a credible application submitted for authorisation to the FSA, and are not new to the market. You can review the list here.

Over 5,000 CBD products have been added since the last update in March 2022 and nearly 12,000 products are now on the list. The list is now closed and further requests to have products put on the public list or evidence sent are no longer being accepted by the FSA.

The FSA’s press release states that businesses can continue to apply for authorisation of CBD food products. Businesses that want to sell their products in Great Britain should apply to the FSA’s regulated products process, and those aiming to sell in Northern Ireland should apply to the European Commission. However, new applications will not be eligible for the public list and should not be put on sale until they have been authorised.

Currently, there are no authorised CBD products on the market in England and Wales. The FSA states that the public should continue to think carefully before consuming CBD products and recommends that no more than 70mg a day (about 28 drops of 5% CBD) is consumed unless under medical supervision.