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How we’ve boosted efficiencies and slashed admin time with leading AI: Kira

Just as particular sectors and occupations benefit from technology more than others, so do different types of legal projects. We identified the opportunity for AI to bring time savings and efficiencies to both our clients and teams when dealing with corporate transactions with a high volume of contracts across a range of industries.

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It prompted Walker Morris to partner with award-winning machine learning platform, Kira, to identify, extract, and analyse content in these contracts and documents with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

This leaves us free to focus on delivering the best-in-class consultancy and advice we’re internationally recognised for, while the software performs the necessary initial review in the background and facilitates the flagging of key risks at the outset.

We continually investigate, assess and invest in advanced tools like this, to speed up deal and case work, streamline processes and maximise the amount of time staff can spend adding value to clients.

This is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining top talent as skills shortages deepen. Junior lawyers want to join firms that give them meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling work that makes a difference, not thousands of pages of documents to review.

Kira recently provided a better quality of due diligence reporting at speed in a high value telecommunications project. Red flags were needed very quickly and the system identified and analysed lengthy provisions, pinpointing them with precision well within deadline.

In addition, we’re expanding Kira’s use cases outside of the obvious transactional application to offer further value to clients firm-wide by leveraging its capabilities. A major review of government contracts would have been impossible without the platform and Kira made light work of a property portfolio review.

These new AI uptakes are part of Walker Morris’ Ambition 24 strategy, which has seen increased investment in both our people and technology to sustain and enhance the firm’s exciting, dynamic environment.

Staff can develop and grow their careers while clients consistently enjoy the unrivalled service standards they have become accustomed to expect – even in the most challenging projects.