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Webinar Recording: Public Procurement: Direct Award of Public Contracts

Procurement specialists Lynsey Oakdene and Kathryn Vickers recently held the webinar “Public Procurement: Direct Award of Public Contracts”. You can now watch a recording of the webinar below.

In this webinar, Lynsey Oakdene and Kathryn Vickers explain:

  • The current rules regarding when a public contract can be the subject of a direct award
  • The anticipated impact of the Procurement Bill on these rules.

Why Public Procurement: Direct Award of Public Contracts?

The ability to award public contracts directly in certain circumstances is an important exemption from the general requirement to follow a PCR compliant procurement process. It can allow the direct award of a contract at the outset and also mean that an otherwise unlawful modification to an existing public contract is not ultimately unlawful. However, if the conditions permitting a direct award are not met, it can have unfortunate consequences for both contracting authorities and contractors. An understanding of the direct award rules is therefore of critical importance to all those involved in the award or management of public contracts.

Speakers and their expertise

Lynsey Oakdene: Lynsey is a Director in our Dispute Resolution Team specialising in all aspects of commercial disputes and regularly advises on a wide range of matters. Supporting clients to work through complex disputes to achieve their commercial objectives, Lynsey has a great deal of experience in all forms of alternative dispute resolution and is an experienced trial/hearing lawyer.

Kathryn Vickers: Kathryn is a Senior Associate in our Dispute Resolution Team, known for her work resolving disputes through litigation, adjudication, or more often negotiation or mediation.  She works with clients to resolve complex problems and manage the risks of a difficult situation before a dispute arises.

More on Procurement

  • Lynsey and Kathryn  recently held a webinar, “Public Procurement: Varying Public Contracts”, explaining how to navigate the safe harbours in order to avoid unfortunate consequences. You can now re-watch the webinar here.
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