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Must attend events – Leeds Digital Festival 2023

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The Topline

“Leeds Digital Festival is always an exciting time of year, with the good and the great of the region bringing the latest tech to the forefront. We love to be a part of it as the conversations and connections we make during this time give us plenty of food for thought for the remainder of the year. We hope to see some of you at festival this year.”

Luke Jackson, Director, Commercial

Luke Jackson

Must attend events – Leeds Digital Festival 2023

We’re really excited for the return of Leeds Digital Festival 2023, which runs from 18-29 September.

Throughout the build up to the start of the festival, we’ve been busy reading the festival programme and thinking carefully about the events we’ll be attending ourselves.

A selection we’re particularly looking forward to are:

Is the metaverse dead? (hosted by us and BDO) – I, and Jonathan Rowan from BDO will be leading a panel of experts in a discussion around the metaverse – and whether it was a flash in the pan, or just getting started. Hear from a panel of experts about what the technology means for them and whether they see any future applications in their industry.

Can Tech be the Catalyst for Growth in Women’s Sport? (hosted by Digital Sport North) – We’ll be joining the supremely talented journalist and sports presenter and pioneer for both sport and sportswomen in the North, Tanya Arnold, to connect with industry leaders, coaches, athletes and tech professionals.

Accelerating Healthcare: How AI is Improving Patient Outcomes (hosted by Leeds Digital Health) – We’re looking forward to joining the Leeds Digital Health community for an evening of cutting-edge insight into the opportunities for collaboration between industry, academia, and the NHS, to improve patient care.

Nexus Connect (hosted by Nexus) – We’ll be listening to a range of speakers and hearing from various new and exciting businesses throughout Leeds about their involvement in Medtech and digital health.

Generative AI Beyond the Hype: What it Really Means for your Business (hosted by Calls9) – As a forward thinking law firm we are really excited about joining like minded business and tech leaders to understand how Generative AI can give our business a strategic advantage.

Burberry: CAD to Catwalk (hosted by Burberry) – Burberry is an iconic global brand and we’re thrilled to be able to see how they use digital technology to bring clothing designs to life and onto the catwalk.

2043: Let’s Fast Forward to a Store Operations Revolution (hosted by BJSS) – Join us to see how John Lewis is reinventing its physical stores and how Microsoft is transforming the retailer operations process using data and AI.

LegalTech in Leeds LIVE Learning Lunch – in Partnership with University of Law (hosted by Legal Tech in Leeds, University of Law) – if you’re interested in learning more about how to offer and develop technology that can be used in the delivery of Legal Services then join us at the University of Law.

Building a Healthy and Inclusive Future of Law (hosted by Live More Offline) – We all spend a lot of time online. We’re excited to attend this event to discover how to pave the way for a more sustainable, balanced, and inclusive work environment.

How Business Changed Technology (hosted by Leeds Building Society) – We are all aware of the impacts that technology has had on various businesses, but we look forward to the Leeds Building Society flipping this question on its head. How do you think business has changed technology?

We can’t wait to take part – and are thrilled to be hosting an event among all these tech superstars.

If you’re into your tech, and are looking to learn more about the metaverse and its potential we’d love to see you at our event ‘Is the metaverse dead?” Learn from industry experts and eat pizza! It’s at 4:30pm on 19 September, sign up here.


Download our report “Digital adoption: The power of in-house legal teams”.