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Food Standards Agency funds research to explore food safety

The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has joined forces with UK Research and Innovation to fund six citizen research projects to investigate food standards challenges. The science projects include exploring the bacteria on home grown produce, testing the safety of baby formula and people with food hypersensitivities analysing the allergens in food bought online.

All of the funded projects are linked to the FSA’s Areas of Research Interest themes, covering issues such as antimicrobial resistance, food hypersensitivity and food safety and hygiene in the home.

According to the FSA, citizen science projects put the public at the heart of the research process. Rather than being the subjects of the research, citizens are actively involved in collecting and analysing data, and even deciding what questions they want to ask and co-developing the approaches with researchers. All projects are between six and nine months long and started in late 2021.

You can read more about the research here.