Webinar recording: Managing your workforce in a world of vaccinations, rapid testing, face-masks and working from anywhere: a practical guide

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As part of our future world of work series we recently held a webinar discussion exploring some practical examples and case studies to assist you in managing your workforce in this new world of work.

Watch the webinar here:

The webinar looks at:

  • Mandatory vaccination policies – can employers lawfully implement a “no jab, no job” policy?
  • Rapid lateral testing – what are the legal implications?
  • Face masks and other Covid policies – what is a fair and reasonable management instruction and can an employee be dismissed for refusing to comply?
  • Returning to work – how should employers manage requests to return to work in the context of the roadmap and gradual easing of lockdown?
  • Work from anywhere – what are the legal implications of longer-term flexible working, home working, and working remotely from overseas?

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