New and emerging technology: protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights

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New and emerging technology—protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights | Legal Guidance | LexisNexis

The following IP practice note produced in partnership with Alan Harper, IP Director, in partnership with LexisNexis has produced the following IP practice note to provide comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • New and emerging technology—protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • New technology
  • New business models
  • Freedom to operate searches
  • Future proofing commercial agreements?
  • Obtaining appropriate IP protection
  • Considering confidential information
  • Adopting a ‘Go-to-Market’ strategy
  • The challenges arising from the rapid development of new technologies
  • When do IP disputes arise? How can they be avoided?

New technology

IP rights are valuable business assets and like any other asset owned by a business, that asset should be protected. There are a number of different IP rights in the UK, including but not limited to, trade marks, design rights, copyright and patents. Essentially, IP and the required protection depends upon the characteristic of the technology. For more information, see Practice Note: What IP assets a business may own and how best to protect them.

New technology is no different as it’s an asset with resulting IP rights. Further, such new technology is often a consequence of collaborative working between two or more businesses. It is strongly recommended that businesses actively consider at an early stage in their commercial relationships who will own any resulting IP and how best to protect such valuable rights.

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