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Senior Associate


Meet Tim's team

Honest, collaborative and pragmatic

Tim is a Senior Associate at Walker Morris, specialising in the corporate and commercial aspects of Sports Law. His experience includes M&A transactions and commercial agreements, including key sponsorship and partnership deals, typically for football clubs throughout the Premier League, English Football League and National League.

Tim takes pride in helping his clients navigate complex and high profile transactions and seeing the end results come to fruition. He recognises that each client is a unique business within the sector, and believes it is important to understand the challenges, goals and the people driving each one.

The Sports Law industry is high profile, fast paced and often under public scrutiny, which brings a host of unique challenges for our clients and for Tim’s role. Working with our clients and becoming a genuine part of their team is therefore critical to navigate each transaction to the best possible solution.

Tim likes to communicate honestly and openly with his clients and avoid legal jargon wherever possible. He finds it particularly important to never lose sight of the bigger picture, especially when dealing with high profile, complex transactions. Tim and the rest of the Walker Morris’ Sports Team epitomise the “two heads are better than one” approach in the work they do. They collaborate with their clients in this way, to make sure they are valued by the people they work with.

Tim’s background started in corporate law and quickly progressed into a role as an in-house lawyer. A lifelong personal interest of Tim’s was in the sports sector (particularly football) so joining the Sports Team at Walker Morris was the perfect next step for his career.


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