Sue Harris

  • Senior Director
  • Construction & Engineering
Sue Harris - Director, Construction and Engineering at Walker Morris LLP hero image

Sue has over 20 years experience of dealing with commercial litigation disputes involving areas of law which include, construction, engineering, professional negligence, contractual and shareholder disputes, fraud and contentious probate.

She has been involved in a number of high profile and high value cases and has extensive trial experience, acting for both claimants and defendants.

Sue has also run a number of cases under conditional and discounted fee agreements. For a full list of Sue’s trial experience and reported cases please click here.

In their words

"I always appreciate the importance of the case to the client and I am totally committed to securing a successful outcome. I am quick to understand and evaluate the issues in a case, seeing the big picture as well as devising a strategy for the case, using my knowledge of the law and litigation procedure. I build strong relationships with the client and the other members of the litigation team, ensuring that everyone works together to achieve the best possible result for the client."

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