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Real Estate

Meet Nick's team

A practical and no-nonsense approach to real estate work

Nick is a Director at Walker Morris, specialising in real estate development. Nick typically works for commercial and residential developers, and has wide experience of dealing with student accommodation developments and real estate finance work.

Meeting the needs and expectations of his clients is always front of mind for Nick, and ‘getting the job done’ is what he finds most rewarding. Nick particularly enjoys seeing development projects through from initial instructions to completion and occupation.

Known for his practical and no-nonsense approach to client work, Nick’s experience is extensive. He says, “there are very few areas of real estate work that I haven’t dealt with at some point in my career”.

Strong relationships and an eye for issues

It can be challenging when firms have a tendency to overcomplicate transactions, but Nick endeavours to find a way to cut through the issues, and he always strives to build good working relationships with the other side’s solicitors.

When asked about life at Walker Morris, Nick says, “The quality of the work and breadth of great clients gives me the opportunity to use the full range of knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years, which is very satisfying. I’m certainly not pigeon-holed into a narrow area of law”.

Nick was originally going to study politics at university, until a manager at his Saturday job advised him to “do something more useful like law”.  The rest, as they say, is history,


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