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Dispute Resolution

Meet Kieran's team

A strategic decision maker who likes to win

Kieran is an Associate in our Dispute Resolution Team.  He has a range of experience in commercial litigation and dispute resolution.  Kieran has acted for a variety of clients ranging from FTSE 100 companies to farmers involved in a shareholder dispute and he also works with international clients.

For Kieran, the most rewarding part of his job is getting the best result for his client, whether that’s through settlement or by winning a case.

Asked about his approach to client work, Kieran says: “I like to think one step ahead, rather than working in a reactive way” and his efficiency and attention to detail are crucial.

Kieran’s pragmatic approach, collaborative nature and willingness to learn from those around him mean that he’s a natural fit at Walker Morris. Although it can be challenging working on such a diversity of cases, he also notes that it’s this which makes his job so engaging.

A keen sportsman, Kieran always knew he wanted a career that involved a lot of team work and, he says, “I relish the structure of litigation and the tactics that underpin everything you do. It requires constant strategic decision making as well as a desire to win at all times – after years of playing sport, this comes naturally to me”.


“Kieran has shown great potential and provided sound support to the entire Walker Morris team, throughout the course of our dealings with Walker Morris.”

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