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Head of IT

Janeen is the head of Information Technology here at Walker Morris. Her team provides support to the business and our clients in the use of technology, and keeps client data secure by managing information and cyber risks.

Janeen enjoys collaborating with colleagues and clients to help overcome challenges with IT. This is something she finds particularly rewarding as technology changes at such a rapid pace. Janeen is a people-person so her strength is building relationships with the IT team and stakeholders across the organisation. This includes supportive leadership, creating a collaborative culture and understanding the business perspective.

Keeping up to date with new technology and communicating it to the business can be an on-going challenge for Janeen. However, the team work with our suppliers and in some instances our clients to develop the solutions that deliver value to our shared goals. Janeen is fair and honest and is at her best when collaborating with her team, colleagues and clients. She provides a supporting and encouraging environment for the people she works with, which enables them to achieve their objectives.

As someone who has developed their career within Walker Morris, Janeen has a great appreciation of how we ‘forge our own path’. She supports her team in embracing the Walker Morris values through the varied work they’re involved with on a day-to-day basis. Demonstrating the values through the team’s behaviours is very important to Janeen and she endeavours to lead by example.

Janeen has progressed through various IT roles within Walker Morris and has been Head of IT since May 2012. She completed a Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership, and is now working towards Microsoft Azure and Power Platform Fundamentals certifications as part of the firms IT strategy delivery. Janeen is a member of the Security Steering Group and the Business Continuity Steering Group. She is also currently a mentee for the Diversity and Inclusion Reverse Mentoring Scheme.

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