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Inclusive, authentic & focused

David is Head of Facilities at Walker Morris. He leads his team to deliver a progressive, people focused workplace and facilities service. David finds the ability to ‘make a difference’ and positively influence the workplace experience most rewarding about his role. He leads a dedicated and skilled team who deliver a broad range of services that impact everyone in the firm. David considers his strengths to include finding pragmatic solutions to problems and helping individuals to grow by developing their skills and knowledge.

Facilities Management involves a varied and wide ranging remit across many service areas which all need attention. This can be challenging, but he approaches this positively, seeing it simply as lots of ways to make a difference and help improve the workplace experience. David’s working style is inclusive, authentic and focused. His aim is to allow everyone who enters the building to have a positive workplace experience, enabling them to play their part in moving the business forward.

David has worked in the construction industry and service delivery sector. This led him into Facilities Management. He has managed properties and Facilities teams in various countries around the world. This has allowed him to achieve a MBA in Facilities Management. David is a member of various Walker Morris steering groups including, Business Continuity, Security and ESG. He recently joined the Yorkshire Climate Action Coalition (formed in 2020 by Walker Morris & Deloitte). This is a group of businesses from around Yorkshire who collaborate to help one another become more sustainable and have a positive impact on our community.

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