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Real Estate

Meet Austin's team

Trusted advisor

Austin is a partner in our Real Estate team, best known for his work on large, complex commercial or mixed-use development work and Real Estate Insolvency. Praised by clients for his straightforward and commercial approach, Austin acts for a number of property investors and developers as well as national retailers and high street banks in relation to their own real estate portfolio.

With a goal-oriented approach to client work, it’s perhaps not surprising that a number of Austin’s clients treat him as a ‘trusted commercial adviser’ introducing him to jobs at an early stage to ensure things are workable from a legal perspective and to assist in shaping a transaction. He says, “it’s really satisfying and a great compliment to know that clients value your commercial input as well as your legal expertise, and that they truly see you as a partner who can help them take their business forward”.

Working in partnership

This pragmatic approach coupled with technical excellence inspires confidence in his clients, but Austin is also keen to point out that he really dedicates himself to the task – he makes sure that a client is never going to be disappointed by lack of effort.

Austin’s way of working is reflected in the deal focussed philosophy of Walker Morris, where everyone is encouraged to work in partnership. This really pays off when managing the most challenging elements of deal structuring or deal management on larger developments.

Over a period of 15 years, Austin has gained a national reputation for the work he does with banks, insolvency practitioners and fixed charge receivers in relation to the real estate aspects of recoveries, restructuring and insolvency.  He is described in the legal press as “excellent in difficult negotiations”.


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