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Walker Morris helps manufacturers capitalise on technological revolution to develop Factories of the Future

Walker Morris has announced the launch of its dedicated Factory of the Future microsite, specially developed to provide advice and expertise that manufacturers need to leverage the benefits of smart technology and embrace robot revolutions.


The site’s launch is in response to an increase in requests for advice from manufacturing businesses, following the global shift in working environments and patterns forced by the pandemic. This shift has led to the accelerated adoption of new digital technologies to facilitate and streamline processes across industries. For manufacturers, a new revolution is being driven by investments in automation and digitalisation, creating the Factory of the Future.

Alongside managing the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have had to deal with the ongoing impact of Brexit and the climate emergency – only adding to the case for accelerated development and investment in technology. These recent events have particularly emphasised the need for robust disaster recovery solutions and sustainable business models. While some businesses may already use smart processes and innovative solutions, others will be at the beginning of their technology journey.

The site has been launched by the Manufacturing Group and Technology & Digital Group at Walker Morris to help manufacturers remain competitive, better meet their customer needs, and respond to social and environmental challenges that may arise. This team of expert lawyers advises on the full range of legal issues that clients might encounter with the development, implementation, and operation of technically innovative services and products, and artificial intelligence. The site includes a project timeline that will help businesses identify key risks and challenges and a knowledge hub with tailored insights and events for manufacturing businesses.

James Crayton, Head of Commercial at Walker Morris, said:

“As automation of roles and processes is increasing, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to help alleviate some of the problems the industry faces – such as staff shortages and an aging workforce. While new and emerging technologies can lead to greater capacity, better monitoring, data collection, and less room for error, there are a variety of legal issues which need to be considered in relation to the development, implementation, and operation of such technology.

“As we return to the ‘new normal’ following a prolonged period of uncertainty due to the pandemic and the implications of Brexit, there are huge opportunities for manufacturers to innovate and lay a solid framework for their future. Our commercially-minded legal experts are there to support businesses in implementing new technologies while avoiding costly mistakes and wasted time.”

Sally Mewies, Partner and Head of Technology at Walker Morris added:

“The world as we know it has changed significantly in the last decade and we are undoubtedly living the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Robotics, AI, quantum computing, fully autonomous vehicles and more are changing the way we work, the way we communicate and, importantly, the way we store and share information.

“The manufacturing sector is no exception, and it is currently seeing a resurgence of interest in next generation technologies. Big Data, IoT, blockchain and 3D printing have the potential to drive colossal transformative change sweeping away decades of manufacturing process and paving the way for a cleaner, greener, more efficient future.”

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