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Port of Tilbury begins new partnership with Tarmac

Walker Morris award-winning client, Port of Tilbury, begins new collaboration with sustainable building materials and construction solutions business, Tarmac

Judith Pike (Partner) and Kathryn Brook (Senior Associate) were part of the Walker Morris team supporting their client, Port of Tilbury London Limited. Judith and Kathryn provided land acquisition support which allowed the securing of the Development Consent Order (DCO) for the construction of Tilbury2, the UK’s largest unaccompanied ro-ro freight ferry port.

The project was awarded the prestigious “Best Project” 2019 by the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA). The inaugural single award by NIPA recognises best practice in participating in the DCO process for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP).

The new port will be located on the north bank of the River Thames and will facilitate the use of the river as a delivery route for processed construction materials into Central London.

Following on from their previous award-winning partnership, Walker Morris are delighted to continue collaborating with Port of Tilbury as they recently announced their joint development with Tarmac. The partnership will see the UK’s largest construction materials aggregates terminal (CMAT) built on the 152-acre site of Tilbury2.

The development of the CMAT will ensure the long-term security of aggregate supplies into London and the South-East whilst also allowing the decongestion of roads through providing an alternative route along the Thames for importing aggregates and other bulk materials.

Walker Morris Real Estate and Construction and Engineering Partners, Judith Pike and Jules Harbage, will be working on the joint development of the CMAT with most operations expected to be established by the end of 2020.

Speaking on the success of the partnership, Peter Ward, Commercial Director at the Port of Tilbury, said:

“We look forward to welcoming Tarmac to Tilbury2 when the facility opens in 2020. The port’s deep sea capacity for vessels up to 100,000 tonnes positions it uniquely to service Tarmac’s planned on-site aggregate processing and manufacturing facilities. Tarmac’s location within Tilbury2 will ensure that the construction industry in London and the South East of England can have fast access to the materials they require.”

Tarmac’s Mark Wood, Managing Director – Materials South said:

This exclusive development will ensure the long-term security of aggregate supplies into London and the South East, allowing us to support vital construction projects while using alternative transportation methods for the movement of materials, taking vehicles off the congested roads around the capital and using the Thames as a means of importing aggregates and other bulk materials into London.”

Judith Pike (Partner) added:

“The receipt of “Best Project” marked the success of the Tilbury2 development as well as the strength of expertise possessed within the partnership between Walker Morris and Port of Tilbury. Now, in collaborating with both Port of Tilbury and Tarmac in constructing the UK’s largest CMAT, we hope to once again demonstrate our ability to deliver UK-leading infrastructure.”