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Leeds-based organisations reaping benefits from energy efficiency schemes

Walker Morris to present at Leeds Climate Commission event

Walker Morris’ Energy, Infrastructure & Government Team, will be presenting at the Leeds Climate Commission’s Board Level Briefing Event for local businesses who wish to learn more about how to identify, finance and deliver cost-effective energy savings and small scale renewable projects.

The event is aimed at medium sized organisations based in Leeds and will explain how low-carbon projects can be profitable, and how they can be financed. The event will guide organisation through examples where businesses have benefitted from transitioning to low-carbon and link them to potential investors.

The Leeds Climate Commission is a partnership with members from 25 of the city’s key organisations in the private, public and third sector, including Walker Morris. The Commission’s objective is to provide an independent voice in the city, providing authoritative advice on steps towards a low carbon, climate resilient future.

The Commission’s analysis highlights enormous potential for Leeds-based organisations to pursue cost-effective, low-carbon measures and shows that exploiting these could cut energy bills and carbon emissions. This analysis has also identified a number of barriers to organisations’ ability to reap the benefits of low-carbon and that many of these opportunities are left unexploited. When faced with other pressures and constraints, organisations can face challenges in terms of identifying and developing project ideas, preparing a business case, linking with investors and securing finance for selective investment.

Walker Morris commented:

“Many organisations are starting to realise the potential of transitioning to low carbon schemes. The benefits can be immediate to the bottom line in terms of energy costs reduction as well as meeting growing customer expectation that business is playing its part in tackling local emissions and climate change.  It also makes sense to assure energy resilience and security of energy supply. With some forecasts predicting that energy costs could rise by as much as 25% over the next few years, energy supply and efficiency is an issues that will only increase in prominence in the Board room.”

Andy Gouldson, Chair of the Leeds Climate Commission, said:

“As a city, we want need to develop a pipeline of projects and programmes that can secure investment in the low carbon economy. Businesses want investment, investors want projects to invest in, and society wants secure jobs, a clean environment and a stable climate. This initiative is all about building capacities and strengthening the networks needed to deliver on all of these fronts. If your business is interested in participating and benefitting from low carbon opportunities, we want to hear from you!”

The event will take place on Tuesday 29th January 2019 8.00am – 9.00am at Merrion House.

To register for the event please book your place at:

If you can’t attend the briefing on 29th January but are interested in attending the workshops, please email

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