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Energy Team to present at Greater South East Energy Hub

Walker Morris to chair session on Developing Investable Projects

Walker Morris’ Energy, Infrastructure & Government (EIG) Team, is supporting UK100 and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy at the Greater South East Energy Hub Workshop on Tuesday 13 June 2019.

The session on ‘Developing Investable Projects’  will be looking at the key challenges faced by Local Authorities in developing local energy projects.

The Workshop is the first of a number of planned regional seminars to promote solutions and enhance project supply in the sector.

It is being run by the Greater South East Energy Hub which is a collaboration of eleven LEP’s who are working together to increase the number, quality and scale of local energy projects being delivered across the South East of the UK, over time.

The involvement of the Walker Morris EIG Team follows support that the Team has provided to the Green Finance Summit in Leeds last autumn and work with the Leeds Climate Commission to produce a report to Government entitled ‘Accelerating Green Finance’.

The report sets out recommendations under 10 themes of how to improve the growth of green finance and improve the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Green Finance covers investment in a range of infrastructure and services – creating new skills and jobs and in turn contributing significantly to economic growth.

Walker Morris supports those delivering the UK’s clean growth the innovators, the developers the finance providers and all those committed, even where it’s not their core business, to a low carbon, circular economy.

To find out more please visit the website here.

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