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Climate Action

100% commitment following Climate Action Dinner

Whilst COVID-19 has changed our world, it’s also shown us that now more than ever we have an opportunity to take action in the clean energy revolution. It’s also shown what can be achieved when government, businesses, civil organisations and individuals pull together for a common aim. So what lessons can we learn to help tackle climate change?

Climate change is transforming the UK’s business landscape.  Delivering the UK’s binding commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 requires far-reaching changes in energy, land, infrastructure (transport and buildings), agriculture, manufacturing, resource management and industrial systems.

The video below was produced following the Climate Action Dinner, held in association with Deloitte and the University of Leeds, on 23 February 2020. The dinner was attended by 38 businesses including local councils, regional and national companies. The attendees were all 100% committed to contributing to further the conversation surrounding climate action and begin to implement positive, practical solutions.

We will be posting further updates about the actions which follow.

Read more about our own response to Climate Change here.

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