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If you’ve got this far, you’ll know that at Walker Morris, we do things differently.

We embrace the individuality and diversity of our workforce and we believe that you should have the chance to shape the career that you want.

We teach a multi-disciplinary, sector-led, entrepreneurial and collaborative way of working, led by our partnership. And we’re united by our desire to help our clients achieve their objectives.

We want you to be able to pursue your career goals and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve them.

We may not be a cookie cutter style of law firm, but we think what we’ve got here is pretty special, and we think you might do too.

Find out more about what we offer below.

Our sustainable careers offering

Lawyers who work here, and even those who have left, say their career and their brand as a lawyer have developed greatly with us.  We are unique in what we offer.

Our chargeable hours target is lower than other firms at 1,350.  This allows you to have the time to contribute to your and our ambitions by developing your skills as a well rounded commercial lawyer.

A bonus scheme of up to 35% is available.  Based on yours and the Firm’s financial performance plus your wider contribution to our Ambition 24 objectives.




Our unique Sabbatical Scheme was introduced in 2022.  This allows you to take a paid sabbatical every 2 or 3 years and have a really good amount of time out of the business to do whatever it is you want to do!  Climb Mount Everest?


Medical insurance with BUPA is on offer for all solicitors with no excess or compulsory self-payments.

Freedom to arrange your work and home life is easily achievable with agile working.  Hybrid is on offer for all solicitors to work in the way you want to.

A myriad of flexible working options are available for solicitors from part-time working to compressed hours.

Walker Morris are known for great clients and  high calibre work – which means the best opportunities for your growth and development.

Individual and personalised learning, supervision and mentoring are possible and a reality  here.  You are working with high quality people who are there with you every day, working on deals with you, and you can easily show what you can do to the people who are making the decisions on your career progression.


We recently introduced a year long programme of Career Progression Workshops called “Becoming” to help confidence and accessibility of partnership to all, especially women.

I think the key to Walker Morris’ success is its people. The calibre of lawyers at the firm is second to none and there is a real focus on talent engagement and development.

Rebecca Calland

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