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Webinar recording: Confidential information and departing employees: How to investigate breaches and protect your business

In this joint webinar, Walker Morris’ Dispute Resolution team and Evelyn Partner’s forensic investigation expert, covered:

  • how you can find out what confidential information has been taken
  • how to carry out an effective investigation and what are the legal implications
  • what information you need before seeking an injunction to restrain use of the information
  • what thresholds you need to overcome to obtain an injunction.

For all employers, confidential information is critical to the success of their business. They need to be able to trust your employees with that information to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. However, when an employer finds itself in the unfortunate position of an employee breaching that trust by taking confidential information (whether for personal gain, to assist a competitor when they are leaving the business, or otherwise) employers need to be able to act quickly to establish what information has been taken, the means by which it has been taken and how best to protect itself from any further information being taken or similar situations arising in the future.

Walker Morris’ team of specialist lawyers are experienced in successfully advising clients throughout the entire process of business protection from drafting restrictive covenants, obtaining interim injunctions through to enforcing injunctions and trial. Our lawyers understand the process and recognise that each situation has its own specific circumstances and commercial realities and have the experience to be able to discuss the various options with you and the likely outcomes.

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