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The Social Media Influencer

“From Love Islanders and Premier League footballers to Hollywood A-listers, celebrities have an undoubted, almost inherent, ability to influence. Whether the impressionable subject is a cohort of ‘regular’ individuals, or indeed a corporate entity – the ability is unquestionable. Of course, this is not a novel concept – celebrities have for decades occupied the pages of national magazines and tabloids, however the mediums by which their influence may be exerted have changed drastically over recent years, leading to the exponential growth of the potential target market of impressionable subjects, in both number and the increased diversification of its demographic.”

Fantastic to see Commercial Associate, Ryan Doodson’s latest article “The Social Media Influencer” published in the Company Secretary Review.

In the article, Ryan discusses how the role of influencer has changed in recent times and highlights the common questions and deliberations that every brand should think about when considering social media influencer partnerships.

Read the full article here.

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