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Newsflash: UKCA product safety mark two-year extension

Business Secretary Grant Shapps announced yesterday that businesses will be given an additional two years to apply the new UKCA product safety mark. This will come as a welcome relief to many UK based manufacturers and other economic operators placing products on the UK and EU markets. Walker Morris product safety expert Claire Burrows explains.

Product Safety mark on the bottom of headphones

The UKCA product safety mark – what has changed?

The UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) mark was introduced as part of the UK’s product safety regulatory framework designed to protect consumers post-Brexit.

The original date by which businesses placing products on the market in the UK had to apply the UKCA product safety mark was 31 December 2022. The UKCA mark replaces the previous CE mark used to designate product conformity throughout the EU. As a result of the announcement, the UK government will continue to recognise CE marking until 31 December 2024. However, businesses can also use the UKCA marking, giving them flexibility to choose which marking to apply.

To reduce labelling costs, the government is also allowing businesses to affix the UKCA marking and include importer information for products from EEA countries on an accompanying document or label until 31 December 2027. This is extended from 31 December 2025.

Manufacturers will also be able to use conformity assessment activities for CE marking undertaken by 31 December 2024 as the basis for UKCA marking, until 31 December 2027.

As Grant Shapps said:

This move will give businesses the breathing space and flexibility they need at this crucial time and ensure that our future system for product safety marking is fit for purpose, providing the highest standard for consumers without harming businesses.

What else did the government say?

To further support manufacturers, the government is also reviewing the wider product safety framework. This is in a bid to minimise the burdens on business and allow for growth and innovation.

There will be different rules for: medical devices; construction products; cableways; transportable pressure equipment; unmanned aircraft systems; rail products; and marine equipment. Government departments responsible for these sectors are making sector specific arrangements.

The UKCA product safety mark – how we can help

Our product safety specialists have extensive experience. They help clients at all stages of the supply chain and across numerous sectors including: food and drink; medical and healthcare; and building and construction. Please contact Claire if you need our help in getting to grips with how the UKCA product safety mark will affect your business and how to make the most of the extension period for compliance.