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Brexit: food firms must prepare for phased border checks

First published in Food Manufacture on 26 April 2021. Read the full article here

When the UK left the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union on 31 December 2020, new processes and requirements were needed in respect of EU-GB border controls.

The UK government set out the phased introduction of controls on imports into Great Britain from the EU last June, with the first phase of changes planned for 1 January 2021 (which took effect). Phases 2 and 3 were to follow in April and July. The phased introduction was to allow businesses time to prepare, particularly in light of Covid-19.

On 11 March the government announced a new timetable for phases 2 and 3, which will now come into force on 1 October 2021 and 1 January 2022 respectively.

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