Sustainable Recruitment Alliance

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To promote sustainable recruitment

We’re proud to be members of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance. The Alliance encourages all those involved in the graduate recruitment industry to take a more environmentally friendly approach to attracting new talent.

As members of the Alliance we have pledged to review, reduce and report on our graduate recruitment processes and find greener, more sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable Recruitment has been on our radar for a number of years and over that time we taken important steps to look at how we can positively respond to the impact of climate change.

Until 2014 a lot of our actions saw us lacking in our thinking about sustainability. We would print all our application forms to review them and produce high gloss brochures which sat in fancy plastic coverings. One of our first steps was to introduce the Apply4Law system in Summer 2014 which immediately stopped all those 600 applications being printed for review each year.

Early 2015 saw our graduate recruitment website launch giving us the opportunity to make some big changes. Our new website was packed full of information, videos, interactive timelines and our people profiles. We no longer needed to produce the 20 page brochures we would normally print, instead we gave candidates our website address and ta-da all the information was there but online.

The law fair season in 2015 saw us handing out fact cards rather than a brochure and each year we closely monitor our order numbers. If we have surplus, our order for the next year reflects that. This goes hand in hand with the merchandise we hand out. Our focus for the last 3 years has been on reusable products which has seen us handing out water bottles, collapsible cups and reusable straws.

How we travel to the law fairs has changed too. The old days (well, not that long ago) would see us driving to various universities, sometimes in 3 separate cars. We now only travel by public transport.

The firm as a whole in the last 12 months has:
achieved 25% reduction in paper
achieved 95% reduction in plastic water bottles
saved 28,000 plastic cups and 24,000 plastic lids
switched to 100% biodegradable pens