Social Enterprises

Social enterprises, including staff mutuals, co-operatives and charitable organisations are set to play much more of a role in public service delivery as the cuts to public funds continue to bite and government policy encourages public authorities look to find new ways to work with these organisations. Public authorities will also need to be alive to the possibilities of a request by employees or a community organisation to take over a service using the Community Right to Challenge in the Localism Act and their obligations under the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.

If you want to find your way around the social enterprise field and work out how you can form or collaborate with a social enterprise then Walker Morris can help. Our Public Sector Team has considerable experience of establishing innovative service delivery mechanisms and working with social enterprises in a range of service areas including leisure services, schools, social services and regeneration. The key thing is first to carry out a strategic assessment of whether setting up or working with a social enterprise is the best option. Once you have reached that stage, we can help you decide which legal structure of social enterprise would be the most appropriate, whether or not to incorporate and the benefits and drawbacks of having charitable status.

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