Service Transformation

The key question everyone is asking at the moment is how do Authorities make savings without sacrificing service? There is no simple solution. Our latest research undertaken with Local Government Chronicle, shows that 54% of respondents expect that almost a third of all services/functions will be outsourced by 2014 and that 89% felt that there were ‘no limits’ when it comes to outsourcing front-line services –

As Authorities face the immediate need for savings, we understand that the drive to question and change the existing architecture of service supply becomes pressing and immediate. However, taking time at the very start to review your options and undertake an independent early strategic review will provide guidance to ensure that the savings proposed meet vires obligations whilst maintaining quality of service.

Walker Morris offers an experienced, commercial legal Team to undertake an early strategic review of your services portfolio to help identify achievable quick wins as well as longer term savings. Our independent advice can help identify the priorities for your Authority and provide a route map for helping deliver efficiency savings. Our experienced Team works regularly with public sector consultants to provide strategic guidance on what is achievable within the constraints of governance and how best to manage changes to the delivery of services. This expertise coupled with the unrivalled in-house experience of many of our lawyers offers Authorities a balanced team who will ensure that your legal obligations and financial priorities are protected.

Our Team has a long-track record of supporting and advising Authorities on the best way to manage existing contracts to deliver cost savings across a wide range of situations. Our 360° public and private sector experience means that the team is familiar with supporting change involving front, mid and back office activities including personnel, TUPE, pensions, property and other management issues.

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