Regionally is a private investment service, enabling investors and institutions exclusive access to professionally selected regional scale-ups. Learn more about Regionally here.

We are one of Regionally’s corporate advisors to work with businesses to help them become investment ready and provide post-investment support and guidance.

Our mission is to be a distinctive law firm valued by our clients for consistently achieving excellent results. Our distinctiveness is based on our proven track record of acting as a skilled and trusted advisor to successful businesses and investors, investing in the relationship and standing side by side on their journey.

Helping you through the process

From sourcing to investment committee stage, the lifecycle of any investment is a mountain of decisions; a constant demand for decision from all stakeholders.  We understand that challenge, and the impact of being overly burdened by the process.  So, we focus on simplifying that process for everyone involved, limiting the decisions that you need to make to those issues which go to the heart of the investment and supporting you on the commercial decisions that stand behind the investment.

We have a proven track record of acting as a skilled and trusted advisor to:

  • companies seeking investment
  • investors making investments

Our experience and expertise of advising on a full range of investment transactions means we remain alive to the issues relevant to all stakeholders enabling us to give balanced and well-grounded advice.

Getting it right, on time

Essential in today’s fast moving environment is the ability to deliver commercially and on time. As one of the largest law firms in our region and with a staff of over 450 including 46 partners, we have the ability to call upon the expertise and experience of other specialist and industry focused groups within the firm to deliver commercially focused legal advice across a full range of legal disciplines in a timely manner.

Adviser, Stakeholder, Ambassador

We can only deliver technically accurate and commercially savvy advice if we invest in the relationship and we are truly passionate about being part of the success of businesses and investments in businesses. Our passion for working with businesses and investors extends beyond the deal and beyond being an adviser. It’s about being a vested stakeholder and ambassador for your business and investment. Our reward for making that investment is seeing your success and being your partner along the way.

Our role with Regionally

As a Regionally Corporate Advisor we work with businesses and investors to perform due diligence checks and help businesses to become investment ready and perform on-going monitoring post-investment.

As part of the becoming investment ready stage, we produce focused solution-driven legal due diligence reports helping companies to attract investment and enabling investors to make fully informed investment decisions.

Meet the team

Meet the Walker Morris and Regionally Team here.

Our Specialists