Redundancy and Reorganisations

Businesses need to be able to evolve to meet the changing demands of their own circumstances and the markets in which they operate. When this ability is excessively constrained, businesses fall and people lose their jobs. Of course, this need for flexibility must also be balanced against the need to protect people’s livelihoods and to minimise the stress and uncertainty which arise naturally in redundancy and reorganisation scenarios.

Walker Morris’ Employment Team has a clear understanding of that balance. We act for many clients across a range of industries giving the advice and support that is needed when employers seek to reorganise their businesses, whether through “traditional” redundancies (for example, site closures and reduction in headcount) or through changes to employees’ terms, conditions and working patterns. Throughout any such processes, we are always on hand to help employers explain developments and the reasoning behind them to their employees, and provide guidance on meeting legal and moral requirements to consult with employees and their representatives.

Where redundancies cannot be avoided, we take our clients through the selection process from start to finish, advising on the various criteria that should be taken into account, helping them to break the news sensitively to those whose jobs are to go and assisting them in considering suitable alternative employment within their organisations. In short, we do everything we can to ensure that this difficult process proceeds smoothly and fairly, for all concerned, thereby protecting our clients’ interests in the event of any subsequent legal actions.

We regularly act with colleagues in other departments at Walker Morris, such as our Insolvency and Pensions Teams, to ensure that they are fully prepared in situations where redundancies might arise.